Person-Centered Planning & Supports


Person-Centered Planning and Supports are essential to helping people achieving valued and included lives in the community. Through partnerships with The Division of Developmental Disabilities and the disability community, The Boggs Center develops materials, conducts training, and offers technical assistance focused on effective practices in person-centered planning and supports. In our capacity of a partner in New Jersey’s membership in the Charting the LifeCourse Framework Community of Practice, The Boggs Center supports state systems, people with disabilities and families, and providers to implement the concepts in day to day practice.


The Boggs Center provides a variety of trainings for support coordinators, provider organizations, people with disabilities, and families focused on best practices in person-centered planning and supports. These trainings include the required Support Coordination Orientation and a series of supplemental trainings aimed at enhancing the skills and competencies of this critical workforce. Training for people with disabilities and families is available to help them understand expectations and processes related to supports coordination and person-centered planning and be empowered to share their voice. Workshops to help providers work in partnership with the people they support and families in effort to develop support strategies that lead to the achievement of personally defined outcomes are also available.

For current training opportunities, please visit The Boggs Center Online Registration System.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance using a structured TA Plan is available to support coordination organizations and service providers to help improve the facilitation of the person-centered planning process and the implementation of person-centered supports. The Boggs Center also serves as a resource and provides consultation to self-advocacy and family groups on topics related to person-centered planning and realizing positive life trajectories. For more information contact