Transition to Adult Life/Post-Secondary Education


In collaboration with the Division of Developmental Disabilities, the Transition to Adult Life project seeks to provide professionals, families, and self-advocates with resources to effectively support students as they graduate from high school and move into adult life. The Transition to Adult Life project focuses on expanding access to post-secondary and vocational educational opportunities, competitive integrated employment, and services that support the full lives of individuals with disabilities in the community.


The Transition to Adult Life Project provides in-person and virtual training for administrators, educators, and related services providers at transition programs targeting students 18-21. Topics include best practices for program development, information about the adult services system and post-secondary educational opportunities, family-centered planning, self-advocacy, and self-determination. Training is also available to students with disabilities and their families on how to access and navigate opportunities after graduation, including post-secondary education, community supports, and supported employment services.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available for transition programs and post-secondary education programs on curriculum development, advocacy and self-determination for students, tips on how to effectively collaborate with families and parents, best practices on employment preparation and education, program evaluation, and program development. Contact for more information.