Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis


It is common for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities to experience mental health symptoms. People with IDD who experience mental illness (IDD/MI) often have complex needs which can affect their behavior. To help navigate these challenges, The Boggs Center provides training and technical assistance to facilitate the development of Person-Centered approaches to effectively support individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, who also have co-occurring mental health diagnoses. The Boggs Center supports capacity building efforts of community provider agencies funded by the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and DCF's Children's System of Care (CSOC).


We offer a number of full and half day professional development workshops on topics including and related to Mental Health including, trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, and treatment approaches in those areas. In order to promote the development of meaningful supports for individuals with IDD that address the role of underlying conditions, Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis training is recommended for all team members.

For current training opportunities, please visit The Boggs Center Online Registration System.

Technical Assistance

Along with training, Community Positive Behavior Support team members work to build capacity by providing technical assistance to Division approved agencies and their teams implement training practices. Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have a higher likelihood that they will experience Mental Health challenges, which can affect behavior and quality of life. To improve outcome for individuals, it is important to understand how behavior and mental health intersect in order to develop effective support plans and strategies. These opportunities may include some of the following:

  • Conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment, data collection tools, interpreting data
  • Support plan development and modification
  • Development of Behavior and Mental Health training materials
  • Making environmental modifications
  • Teaching replacement skills to support long term goals
  • Assessment of program needs
  • Team building activities
  • Workforce development to support
  • Direct Workforce Competency
  • Other program development efforts
  • Review of team-based activities to practice and apply training concepts

If your team is interested in discussing Technical Assistance opportunities with The Boggs Center, please contact us at