About the Interdisciplinary Traineeship

About The Boggs Center’s Interdisciplinary Traineeship Program

The Boggs Center is proud to offer students of accredited colleges and universities a unique learning opportunity called a Traineeship. A traineeship is similar to an internship or field education opportunity, providing students with a structured learning experience. 
The Boggs Center’s Interdisciplinary Traineeship affords students hands-on experience in a variety of disability-specific projects as well as the chance to attend various training classes, seminars and professional development workshops. The traineeship orients its learning opportunities toward developing leadership and vision in the field of developmental disabilities. 

Traineeship Structure & Requirements 

Each trainee is matched with a Boggs Center mentor who helps to guide the student’s activities and provides feedback. During the course of the traineeship, student trainees create an individualized project in an area of their interest with the goal of contributing something unique to the field of developmental disabilities. Beyond the individual project, trainees are also afforded frequent opportunities to collaborate with Boggs Center staff and leaders in the disciplines of health and human services on a variety of important projects. 

The traineeship runs through the academic year and is presented in an independent study format, which lends itself to receiving university credit for the placement (contingent upon approval by an academic advisor). The traineeship is also frequently utilized by students as a field education or internship site for fulfillment of academic program requirements. 
By the conclusion of the traineeship, students will have developed highly important and transferable professional skills like effective communication, research, working as part of a team, and project management. 

Traineeship Disciplines 

The traineeship is open to all undergraduate and graduate students including but not limited to those in the following disciplines: 

  • General and Special Education 
  • Medicine 
  • Nursing 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Physical Therapy  
  • Psychology 
  • Public Policy 
  • Public Health 
  • Rehabilitation Counseling 
  • Social Work 

Learn More and Apply

To learn more about the Traineeship program, visit the Traineeship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Information about the application process, along with the Application and Recommendation Forms, can be found on the Traineeship Application Process page.

Project Contact:  Caroline N. Coffield, PhD