Comprehensive Assessment of Supported Employment Service

CASES user guide cover

The Comprehensive Assessment of Supported Employment Service (CASES) is a user-friendly organizational tool for Supported Employment managers to unlock the hidden potential of all the data collected every day. This information, already gathered for reporting purposes, can illustrate how effective the Supported Employment program is by showing trends in placement rates, job matching, job retention, and many other areas.

The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities offers CASES as a two-part resource, a User Guide and Data Tool, to help managers easily and effectively use data to track trends in service provision, staffing needs, and employer relations. With basic input once a month, the data tool will automatically generate valuable information on essential areas for program success.

Download CASES User Guide (PDF)
Download CASES Data Tool - v.1.3 Revised 7-21 (Excel)

Limited quantities of the CASES User Guide are available in hard copy format through the Publications Order Form